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Arolos Weyr
For the News of the Game
3rd-Jul-2010 03:48 pm - Hatching pictures
And last, but not least, we have hatching pictures!
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By the time there were only four Eggs left on the Sands, things had progressed from rainy to practically submerged. Areas of the Sands had become saturated and pools of water had started to accumulate, despite Ormanth's best efforts to keep the worst of the downpour from getting anywhere near her Eggs.

Here and there, divots filled with waterCollapse )
With the last group of hatchlings Impressed and safe with their life mates, the rain, which had trickled off to a slower drizzle began to pick up its pace once more. The steady patter of drops became louder as the water actually fell in steady streams in some spots and one of those streams splashed steadily at the Smithcrafter's Delight Egg.

The egg rocked in time to the first few splashesCollapse )
Among the Candidates, murmurs spread, wondering about the next set of hatching eggs. Would there ever be a bronze in this clutch? Perhaps the next egg to hatch would give an answer.

A sound from the Sugary Thoughts Egg interruptedCollapse )
While the rain had been a steady annoyance before, the rain was picking up steam and coming down quite hard where it slipped through the holes in the roof and hit the ground either unhindered or as it rolled off of Ormanth's outstretched wings.

The Nothing to Spot Here Egg was the next to start shakingCollapse )
And with the first four dragons hatched and impressed things were only starting to heat up. Ormanth was doing her best to block the worst of the water dripping down from the leaky shutters above, but it was raining harder now and there just wasn't enough room for the gold to maneuver and protect all of the Sands. In one area, towards the farther end, away from the Queen, a nice sized hole had opened up and water poured in loudly. The water was landing almost smack dab on the Polished Stone egg and making quite the raucous noise as it rocked the egg a bit back and forth.

((What is making all that noise?))Collapse )
As Ormanth's humming grew louder, the rain that had been threatening all day opened into a good steady rain. Candidates and onlookers struggling in, looked more and more drenched by the tick. Even the poor Hatchlings were going to be victims of the falling liquid. New shutters had been installed in the roof of the cavern not so long before and they had been installed incorrectly -- they were already showing signs of leaking. With the caverns buzzing with excitement and the rain as background music, the dampness could be overlooked as the first egg started to crack.

The Wooden Boxes egg started to shiftCollapse )
2nd-Apr-2010 01:08 am - Peace Treaty
pod doors, hal
After talks late into the night, an agreement has been reached.


(Many thanks to all who participated in this year's April Fool's, and to all a good night.)
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